What the clients say…

Educational Consultant NY TestimonialMy parents are so thankful to Howe. If the commandant from Howe hadn’t given them Nancy’s name, who knows what would have happened to me after I was expelled. Nancy guided my parents through my educational choices and now I am an attorney.
– Michael (Referred by Howe ’95)

I refer to her as a Godsend. If we hadn’t found her, I don’t know what we would have done.
– Jerry (parent from Illinois)

Culver Military SchoolWe called Culver to try to enroll our son. He was smoking marijuana and doing poorly in school. Instead of referring us to a directory of schools, they gave us Nancy’s name. Nancy knew exactly what to do and helped us through all the steps. Our son is now in Graduate School and we STILL refer Culver because we never forgot the help they provided. They helped save Matt by giving us Nancy’s name.
– Parent of Matt (Referred by Culver)

Thanks to Riverside for expelling our son!  We had NO idea how far into drug-use he had gotten. They recommended Nancy and as soon as I called her I knew she could help us. She seemed to know Patrick even though she had not met him. She guided us to the right places for Patrick and helped us every week for months. Her fee was the best investment we made. Everything we did has worked!  WE have our son back!
– Mike, father of Patrick (Referred by Riverside)

Thank God Massanutten referred Nancy to us.  We didn’t know what to do and wanted the best program for our son but they all sounded the same. Nancy knew which one was best for John and even specified the most fantastic therapist. I don’t know how she does it but she matches the kids to the RIGHT person!
– Parent of John (Referred by MMA)

We picked a wilderness program on the internet the first time. We thought wilderness programs were all alike and when we called three of them, they all were saying the same thing. They wanted our business. Then we got Nancy’s name from Fork Union and she helped us carefully decide on the best one for Andy. That was five years ago and Nancy has helped ever since. Andy is now in college; we were afraid he wouldn’t finish high school.
– Catherine, mother of Andy (Referred by Fork Union ’05)

What the professionals say…

I work with several education consultants and, by far, Nancy is one of the best. She offers quality services. She really gets to know the family and the student well and the students she sends to me, I know are appropriate for us.
– Dean (Program Administrator)

I have always been impressed with Nancy’s professionalism and her follow-up with a child. Nancy holds an excellent reputation within our industry, and has earned the respect of educational consultants and school officials alike.
– Len (Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist/Educational Consultant)

Nancy’s work ethic is unmatched. The effort and time she puts into her clients is far above industry standards.
– Brad (Ph.D. Licensed Therapist)