School Placement

School placement has been the focus of my career for more than 25 years. My specialties include military school, boarding school, and therapeutic school placement

Finding the right boarding school can be a daunting process as parents and students begin to discover the wide range of options available. Relying on recommendations of family, friends, and guidance counselors also involves risk since reputations change and quite simply, the school that may be the best for your friend’s daughter may not be the best for yours.

Schools specialize and develop proven strengths in working with students of all types. While most offer a college preparatory curriculum, they vary in terms of working with children with special learning, emotional or behavioral needs.

The internet gives information that is helpful; my work helps you compare programs, sort through options and narrow the field from many to few. As the search becomes focused we then are able to determine the school that offers the best program for your child. Careful follow up and timely communication throughout the student’s time at the school provides essential support until graduation.

The correct school choice can make a powerful difference at a very important time in your son or daughter’s life. My help is valuable since my experience comes from having worked in traditional and therapeutic boarding schools as well as wilderness therapy. I am also one of few consultants who work on a regular basis with military schools across the United States and Canada.