Wilderness Programs

Short term outdoor based programming

The outdoors has been used for centuries to help facilitate rites of passage for the young. Various models of this have become regularly suggested forms of intervention for youth, adolescents and young adults. Because of the wide differences among these types of programs, we have dedicated a great deal of time visiting, maintaining close and regular contact with the professionals associated with these programs and tracking experiences of our clients.

The most important thing for parents to know about these options is that they are NOT all alike. Safety and effectiveness are critical to our concerns and objectives along with specifying programs and individuals with whom students are best matched.

Some programs are punitive, others recreational. Many are therapeutic in style and practice while some are experiential. Some embrace a military approach while others use Native American lore to pattern growth and change. Some specialize in working with various forms of addiction while others have expertise in working with adopted adolescents or those with ADHD or Oppositional Defiance Disorder.

These can be highly effective AND expensive options. We guide parents through this maze so that ANY dollars spent are well invested and EFFECTIVE.