Education Consulting Services

School Placement

With over 25 years experience, Nancy places students based on her knowledge of each schools unique culture and specialties. She identifies the students needs and matches them with the optimal environment to facilitate their personal, academic, and emotional development.

On-going Support

School placement is often a complicated and stressful process.  Nancy is available round the clock to support you and your family and alleviate any stress, confusion or complications you face along the way.

Summer Camp and Specialty Program Placement

These programs take place during the summer season and focus on developing a particular skill or interest.

Therapeutic Interventions

Students with special needs require learning environments that cater to their specific learning/behavioral/developmental challenges. Nancy helps you find the right school for your special needs child.

Parent Training/Coaching

Dealing with a troubled teen can be one of the greatest challenges a parent faces. Nancy offers an objective perspective and provides a host of solutions to empower you as the parent to make the best possible decisions for your child.

Addiction Program Placement

Teen drug  and alcohol addiction can easily turn into a lifelong struggle if not handled swiftly and appropriately.  Finding the right program for your child can be the difference between success and failure.  Nancy goes beyond the addiction and looks at the teen’s specific emotional difficulties to match them with the most appropriate facility.