Military Schools

Military School Placement requires a familiarity of the school and an understanding of the individual student’s needs.

Military Schools provide college preparatory education along with military structure. Depending upon the specific school, students graduating from military schools experience strong academics, leadership opportunities, character education, military structure, mentoring, physical challenges and military science curricula. Some schools offer flight programs, varsity sports, band, chorus and drama and JROTC experience. Some schools work very well with students with histories of low self-esteem, under-achievement, marginal motivation and other learning and behavioral difficulties. Others do not.  We can help identify the military schools that offer the best program for your son or daughter.

Military Schools Provide

  • Structure
  • Discipline
  • Leadership Training
  • Strong College Preparatory Curriculum
  • Character Education
  • Competitive sports programs
  • a variety of curricular activities

Military Schools are NOT

  • Exclusive
  • Homogenous
  • Only for wealthy students
  • Places where students get into trouble
  • Schools for students coming from “troubled homes”
  • For problem students who are being “sent away”
  • For students being “forced” to go away to school