Boarding Schools

Boarding schools are available to provide college preparatory curricula to students of many learning styles and abilities. Students may have special learning needs and abilities as well as school histories ranging from under-achievement, learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, and others to high achievement, strong leadership, unblemished records of attendance and grades, average experience, to superb experience.  Students attend boarding schools for a myriad of reasons; having help finding the one that best fits your son or daughter’s profile can make the difference between having an average experience and having a superb one.


The following points were taken from The Association of Boarding Schools website:

  • Students report having more opportunity to participate in sports, extra-curricular activities, and engaging in relationship based education.
  • Students report experiencing greater academic challenge than their Private Day or Public school peers report experiencing.
  • Students report being more highly motivated than their peers in Private Day or
    Public schools
  • A higher percentage of graduates achieve positions in top management by mid-career than their counter-parts from Private Day and Public schools.
  • Higher percentage of  boarding school students say their schools provide greater opportunities for leadership than their peers in Private Day and Public schools
  • Boarding school students spend an average of 17 hours per week studying compared with 9 hours for Private Day and 8 hours by Public school students.