Alternative Education Counseling and Planning

A new school year is upon us and for many parents this can be a very stressful time. How will their child do this year?  Will it be another year filled with phone calls from teachers, guidance counselors and the school principal? Will social anxiety and peer pressure continue to change the sweet and outgoing child they once knew?  Or, will this year finally be an academic success? Will this be the year that self confidence replaces self consciousness and their tortured teen blossoms into a healthy young adult. Far too often the pressures of “fitting in”, effects of bullying, and or the lack of an academically challenging environment can become an obstacle to the student fulfilling their maximum potential.Nancy Edwards of Skaneateles is an Educational Consultant. She has helped families from all over the country find educational/behavioral solutions that place students in settings that help them reach levels in their personal and academic development that they otherwise would not have met. In Nancy’s words,  “Our public school system is an excellent choice for many students. Some students need a learning environment that is more challenging, while others need an environment that is considerate of their emotional,social and academic needs. The right learning environment can really catapult students into their college career. They are often different for the individual student.  The appropriate school fosters self motivation, self regulation, self esteem, and personal responsibility. It’s a time when a child is caught between wanting to stay in childhood and moving forward into adulthood. It’s scary and confusing.  Providing students with the best educational opportunities available helps them move forward into their adulthood with enthusiasm and confidence.”

Nancy works closely with parents and students.  She helps identify core issues that may be holding a child back and finds the right learning/social environment to develop the student’s strengths and change maladaptive patterns. Parents only have 4 short years to get it right and one or two wrong choices can prove to be catastrophic. Nancy’s experience allows her to match students with the learning environments that help them mature into healthy adults and actualize their maximum potential.

Nancy works as a liaison between parents and various boarding, prep, and alternative schools throughout the country.  She helps with everything from finding the perfect school to securing financial aid.  Her clients range from the academically advanced, to students with ADD and Autism, to students struggling with depression and low self esteem.  She also helps families who are struggling with “troubled teens”, addictions, and behavioral issues.

“Parents need to know that there are people out there who can help them find the best opportunities for their child. No student is a lost cause. There are alternatives and they are many,” assures Edwards.

For more information you can reach Nancy by calling 315-277-6063 or emailing