About Nancy

Nancy Edwards, Education Consultant

Education Consultant New York | NY | US| InternationalNancy is an Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) certified Educational Consultant in New York serving the entire United States and International communities. She specializes in military school, boarding school, therapeutic school, and traditional school placement throughout the US and abroad. Every student’s needs differ and finding the appropriate school for the individual is what 20 years of experience affords Nancy the ability to do.

The trend in educational consulting is to expand offices and hire staff to handle specific areas of the school industry. Inflexible office hours are kept and exchanges are often appointment driven. Our work is intentionally different. For us, the process becomes personal. Hours are open and flexible and availability is round-the-clock. Our belief is that the questions and decisions that surround this process often are best discussed in the evenings, on weekends, and even on holidays. Many international families have to call at unusual hours. Our emphasis is on service, honest feedback and helpful guidance. This guidance is based on our education, insight and parental experience as well as our work experience in all types of schools and colleges. Advice is practical, direct, and purposeful. We are not therapists and do not hesitate to give an opinion when asked. At the same time, we are mindful that this decision is yours. Our job is to help you become well informed so that you can make the best decision possible for your child.

Nancy Edwards is an Upstate New York native whose professional and personal experience is both national and international.

Nancy attended Bowling Green University and graduated from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah with a B.S. in Education. Nancy has worked in public and private education from pre-school through college levels. Nancy co-founded a Montessori School in Ohio over 25 years ago, worked in private, boarding and day schools in NH, MA, and OH, for Peterson’s Guide training boarding and day school administrators and for therapeutic schools and a wilderness program before establishing her educational consulting business in 1992.

Nancy specializes in secondary, middle school and young adult programming prior to or as an alternative to college. She has been active nationally and works closely with college prep, military, junior boarding, GAP year programs, young adult schools, therapeutic and behavioral programs and schools, summer camp and special interest programs.

By the time a family needs Nancy’s help when struggling with teens-at-risk, parents are exhausted emotionally and financially, discouraged and skeptical. They need advice that is grounded in experience and  straight-forward feedback. This advice needs to consider their financial, practical AND emotional concerns and needs to be supported by data of past performance and/or research.

Helping match students and their families with schools and programs that are going to be most helpful is NOT an exact science and depends upon experience, relationship building, communication and follow up. Having worked IN and AMONG all of the various types of schools and settings since the mid 1970’s (public, private, Montessori, college prep, military,therapeutic, wilderness program and college) enables Nancy to appreciate the overt and subtle differences among the various types of supports and structures available. Having developed and maintained relationships with owners, staff and therapists that work with students helps Nancy make suggestions based on knowing personal styles.

Additionally, remaining accountable to each client throughout the entire process ensures the family that our office will maintain contact and accountability and continue to support the recommendations we make.

Our Process


Parents complete our inquiry form and set up a free consultation with Nancy by phone. Nancy gets familiar with you, your child, and your goals/expectations.

Gather background information

In a quick but thorough manner, Nancy communicates with professionals already involved with your child’s education and history.

Make Placement

After careful assessment Nancy matches the student to the most appropriate schools for you to choose from.

Follow up

Once you’ve chose the right school for your child, Nancy stays in close contact with the school and maintains a watchful eye over your child’s education.